Frequently Asked Questions

1 I am traveling and I need a COVID PCR (RT-PCR) test before I depart, how do I know when to test?

Please visit our comprehensive Travel Advisor for details on when to test and destination specific requirements.

You will receive travel friendly documentation that can be used for boarding your flight and at customs upon your arrival. Sometimes known as a “fit-to-fly” certificate, our documentation contains all the information commonly requested by airlines and foreign countries. We have helped thousands of travelers to their destination all over the world.

You will be notified via text and email when your results become available. You can log in to access your results at any time via our login page . From there, you can download or print the result pdf.

Yes, our tests are valid for travel to Japan. We can fill out and stamp the special government form and our testing and collection meets the criteria. We can provide you a hard copy or digital copy of this document.

No worries. If you can't make your appointment and have already paid for your test, reach out to us at (use location specific) and we can go ahead and process your refund. It can take 5-10 business days to process entirely.

1) You should receive a receipt within an hour after payment for your test. The receipt will contain a CPT (procedure code) and our Tax ID number. If there is an issue with your receipt, please contact

2) Contact your insurance company to obtain a health care claim form or download one from their website. The following codes will be useful when filing your claim form.

  • TIN/EIN: 85-4289083
  • CPT Codes (Procedure):
    • 87426 (rapid antigen test)
    • U0003 (RT-PCR Test)
  • Diagnosis Codes (we do not provide): please include the code that describes your symptoms or exposure at the time of testing
    • Suspected COVID (w/symptoms)
    • Cough: R05
    • Fever: R50.9
    • Shortness of Breath: R06.02
    • Exposure to someone confirmed to have COVID-19: Z20.828
    • No exposure/No symptoms (Traveling): Z11.59
    • Positive test: U07.1
  • Ordering Provider NPI number: If required by your insurance, you will need to provide the NPI number of an ordering provider. We suggest you contact your health care provider (physician, nurse practitioner, PA, pharmacist, etc) to obtain their NPI number. We are a laboratory and unable to place orders.

3) Make a copy just in case.

4) Review and then submit to your insurance.

We recommend children 7 years of age and older.

Rapid Antigen results are typically available within 1 hour. During high-demand times, sometimes results can take as long as 2 hours. If you have not received your results after 2 hours, please check your spam/junk folder and then contact

Same day RT-PCR results will be available within 1-2 hours. We take our same-day PCR tests very seriously and are available at to keep you updated on the progress of your test.

Yes! And we have been doing so for months. We offer all types of solutions from small businesses to large venues. We are also able to integrate with all types of software and verification applications to make it easy. Please contact us at to inquire about solutions for your organization.

Yes, both the Rapid Antigen and RT-PCR test indicate whether you have an infection currently. Antigen tests are frequently confused with antibody tests, which indicate if you had a previous infection. Antibody tests are typically done using blood -- a blood draw or finger prick -- whereas COVID diagnostic tests, like Rapid Antigen and PCR tests, use swabs of the nose or saliva collection.

COVID-19 testing requirements differ wildly between location and are constantly changing. We do not provide advice regarding specific locations for this reason. It is the traveler’s responsibility to determine what type of test is needed (link to types of tests) and how close to travel it needs to be performed.

Here at Saguaro Bloom, customers do a painless shallow nasal swab. It is not a deep "brain tickle ". It looks like this. You will insert the swab no more than 3⁄4 of an inch (1.5 cm) into your nose and slowly rotate the swab in a circular path against the inside of your nostril at least 4 times for a total of 15 seconds.


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