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Timing Your Test For Travel

A successful trip during COVID requires careful coordination of your test. Due to the incubation period of COVID19, destinations require tests to be completed within a certain time window- missing this window can result in being stopped at the your departure gate or facing mandatory quarantine on arrival.

timing your test for travel

Check Destinations Requirements From Arizona

We’ve compiled testing requirements from a wide range of international destinations for your convenience. Click the magnifying glass on the far right to find yours

Plan Your Travel Test Visit

We’ve tailored our RT-PCR travel tests with feedback from thousands of our customers who’ve safely visited dozens of countries during the COVID pandemic.
Our tests are fast and reliable with built in support to get you through gates and customs easily


Results Ready For Takeoff

Our results documents provide vital information on your test status as well as contact information a gate agent or customers officer can use to confirm your status with Saguaro Bloom directly.


Same Day Option

Travel requirements and your plans change. If you find yourself in need of a RT-PCR test fast, Saguaro Bloom provides Same Day tests. Come by the lab before 4pm (1pm on weekends) and get your result and documents the same day.


Real Human Support

We proudly provide support from our offices in Old Town Scottsdale. A member of the Bloom team will always answer your email or phone call, whether you’re at home or abroad.

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